Mair Chaluparambil

The First Delegate is analogous to the chapter’s president and helps guide the Board throughout the year to keep the group on track and ensure continuity. The First Delegate, along with one of the Second Delegates, serves as Conn ASDA’s voting members in the national House of Delegates. Contact:


Taleen Kalajian & Eric Ress

Second Delegates serve our Board by handling secretarial duties, finances, and membership remittances. They are responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes happenings that are essential for our chapter’s success.


Andrea Geffin, Anjali Dinesh, & Felicia Brodeur

Community Service Chairs organize our service events such as the Hartford marathon, which we run annually for a charity, and Give Kids a Smile Day, offering oral hygiene instruction for Hartford children.


Abe Kwok & Jillian Bernstein

The Communications Chairs and Website Managers take on a multitude of roles to manage our multimedia communications. The Chairs serve as Editors-in-Chief of our publication, In The Loupe. They are also responsible for the creation and maintenance of our website, photography for all of our events and management our social media. 


The Fundraising Committee is critical to the functioning of our group as they help raise money to fund events through various functions such as our holiday toothbrush sale. They also organize the UConn Dental Expo every spring.

Lily Etemad & Yumna Arif


Demitria Estrada & John Gehlbach

Social Chairs are responsible for planning ASDA’s purely fun events such as the welcome BBQ, the holiday party, and spring fling.


The Alumni Relations Chairs keep graduates of UConn School of Dental Medicine up-to-date with ASDA events and run networking events for current and past ASDA members.

Akosua Adzenyah & Ryane Staples


The Wellness Committee is dedicated to making well-being a priority by planning events and activities focused on ASDA’s Five dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.

Ali Leecock & Brian Greco


The Pre-Dental Liaisons plan visits to undergraduate colleges to talk about dental school and the application process.

Nick Pray & Julie Lafen


Lunch and Learn Coordinators help plan and coordinate different educational speakers to present during the lunch break, where food is provided. The Coordinators must communicate with the speakers, order and arrange food delivery, and ensure the events all run smoothly.

Callan Donovan & Elizabeth Kain


Legislative Liaisons are responsible for our ADPAC chapter, organizing our annual legislative day, and leading a team at National Lobby Day. These members focus on current dental issues on the state and national levels.

Jessica Rudman & Marina Zoghbi


Second Year Representatives are responsible for the smooth transition of first years into dental school. They organize events such as the First & Second year social, Wax & Relax and Chill & Drill.

Mia Carlone & Vipra Patel

The First Year Representatives serve as liaisons between the ASDA Board and the first year class and direct pre-dental outreach, where they go to local colleges and answer questions about dental school.


The Faculty Advisor, Dr. Donna Paolella, is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and serves as the Faculty Advisor for the UConn Chapter of ASDA.